Specialized product lines.
Extensive carrier partnerships.
Delegated underwriting authority.

At Lockton Affinity, we establish powerful carrier partnerships to provide specialized product lines, enabling our agency partners to access exclusive, streamlined insurance solutions for their clients.


Our wholesale/MGU capabilities

With a wide range of practice areas, we support our agency partners who serve clients with highly specialized needs.



Thanks to our extensive carrier partnerships and our in-house underwriting team, we have delegated authority to bind policies on behalf of our carrier partners, streamlining the insurance buying process for insureds.



We have the internal teams in place to service client needs of all types and sizes. Our service teams meet the highest service expectations with real people answering the phones. Our in-house backroom and ecommerce solutions are scalable and can add automation to the insurance process, making it quicker and easier to purchase and service insurance.


Product lines

With decades of experience building tailored product lines that can be difficult to find on the market, we have the know-how and financial backing to explore new, unique product lines.

Who we serve

Agency partners

We add value to our agency partners by offering exclusive product lines and carriers that their clients often cannot access elsewhere.

In addition to supporting underwriting and processing needs, we can provide sales and customer service solutions, if desired. If we don’t have an existing solution in place for your group of clients with homogeneous needs, we can work together to build one.


We serve our carrier partners by providing extensive support services, including underwriting, rating, quoting, policy issuance, invoicing and more.

Additionally, our decades of experience, expertise in various industry segments and unique product lines are often beneficial to carrier partners who may not have the same.

Our current wholesale/MGU
practice areas

Automotive aftermarket
Cyber Liability
Home care businesses
Life, Disability and Annuities
Multinational Foreign Casualty

Outdoor businesses and clubs
Accountants Professional Liability
Lawyers Professional Liability
RIAs Professional Liability
Scaffolding contractors

We’re hiring industry experts

Looking to make a splash in the industry? We’re building high quality teams of professionals with experience in niche areas of practice. Join us today to grow your career with the support of our scalable infrastructure, unique capabilities, steadfast carrier relationships, in-house marketing services and decades of expertise.


Let’s serve your clients, together.

Whether you’re an agent, a carrier or a producer, we’re here to support your wholesale needs through our specialized product lines, extensive partnerships and delegated underwriting authority.


 DISCOVERY—We’ll learn about each other.

 PROPOSAL—We’ll discuss solutions that best serve you.

 CONTRACT—We’ll make it official.

 SERVE—We’ll work together to ensure success.

We partner with dozens of national carriers
allowing us to offer coverage that cannot be found elsewhere.