Lockton Affinity offers a variety of policy types for our clients.

Below is a list of our most valued coverage, but we are experts at designing customized insurance solutions to fit your needs.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) pays additional benefits to any life insurance plan, in the event of an accidental death. Covered accidents range from exposure, falls, heavy equipment accidents or traffic accidents. Dismemberment covers the loss of limbs, fingers, toes or eyesight. If you have an AD&D policy, you only pay for the sustained protection, as these policies are not a vehicle for investment. This coverage typically has four types of group plans, including Dependents, Group Life Supplement, Travel Accident or Voluntary.

Builders Risk Insurance

Builders Risk Insurance provides coverage for general contractors, custom builders and property owners during the construction of their building or structure. Our insurance covers you for a number of different risks that can occur during the construction process such as wind, fire, vandalism and theft. In the event of physical loss or damage during the construction process, our coverage will extend to your materials and/or equipment, not just the building/structure. Once your building/structure has been completed or occupied, the policy will be terminated. For renovations to a building or structure, you typically do not need a Builders Risk policy, as you will be covered under your Property Insurance.

Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) Insurance

A Business Owner’s Policies (BOP) provides protection for business owners that are in need of both Property and General Liability coverage. Coverage includes your building and extends to the perishable items inside your building such as equipment, furnishings, etc. Business Interruption coverage helps recover lost revenue in the event a fire, break-in or other type of event leads to your inability to conduct business. The General Liability portion covers any legal costs accrued during the defense of your business in a lawsuit, or in the event that you are ordered to pay damages for personal injury and property damage.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If you use vehicles as part of your business operations, a commercial auto policy should be included as part of your insurance program. Commercial Auto Insurance provides coverage for vehicles in the event they incur physical damage, cause physical damage or bodily injury to others. If appropriate, we also include non-owned auto coverage, which protects from claims for damages involving bodily injury or property damage caused by someone working on behalf of the business while using a vehicle not owned by the business.

Commercial Package Insurance

Commercial Package policies can help your small business combine multiple policies into a single policy. You may find that you need to provide coverage for crime, inland marine, auto or other coverage, in addition to property and liability coverage. Through the aggregate buying power Lockton Affinity has with top-rated carriers, a Commercial Package can help combine your coverage at an affordable rate and still protect against the specific risks your business may face.

Cyber Liability Insurance

If you keep personally identifiable information (PII) about your customers/clients, you are at risk for the associated costs in the event of a data breach of your business records. Cyber Liability Insurance provides coverage against the high costs that can accrue as a result of any theft or breach of customer/client data. Through Lockton Affinity, you will receive response services to help with legal requirements, crime investigation and ongoing credit monitoring.

Defense Base Act Insurance

We design customized Defense Base Act Insurance to protect your business if you have government contacts. Lockton Affinity will design and manage your insurance program to meet the requirements of the Department of Defense, and protect your business, employees, foreign workers and contractors. Our team of experts will evaluate your existing coverage and offer exceptional, hassle-free coverage and exemplary service to provide you peace of mind.

Disability Insurance

We write Disability Insurance coverage for your small business to offer to your employees. Disability Insurance, DI or Disability Income Insurance provides your employees financial security in the event a disabling illness or accident prevents their ability to complete their core work functions.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

As an employer, you are at risk for litigation from employees’ claims of discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation and wrongful termination. Employment Practices Liability Insurance will cover you for the costs stemming from claims associated with the employment process.

Excess Liability Insurance

An Excess Liability policy offers additional limits of insurance above your primary policy coverage. This policy can also help cover fiduciary liability claims that may exceed your primary policy limits.

Fiduciary Liability Insurance

Lockton Affinity designs customized Fiduciary Liability Insurance to protect your organization’s assets from claims stemming from the mismanagement of your members’ benefit plans. The coverage extends to anyone within your organization that has fiduciary responsibilities associated with overseeing your members’ benefit plans. Our team of experts will build your insurance program based on their evaluation of your organization and your industry, so you have the coverage you need.

General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance provides you protection from third party claims alleging damages for incidents such as bodily injury, personal injury or property damage. Whether you are a large organization or a small business, you face a variety of risks as part of your management responsibilities. We work with large numbers of organizations, associations and small businesses nationwide, so we understand your risks and are experienced in designing tailored General Liability Insurance solutions to meet your needs.

Homeowners Insurance

If you finance your home with a mortgage, you are generally required by your lender to carry insurance. We offer Homeowners Insurance in the event your organization owns a home or is  looking for better rates. Given our exclusive relationship with top-rated carriers, we use our aggregate buying power to offer cost effective options to help you bolster the relationship with your members.

Inland Marine Insurance

Inland Marine policies are a broader and more customized form of Property Insurance, as it provides protection for your property in the event it incurs damage or is lost while in transit. The types of property covered under an Inland Marine policy include construction equipment, photography equipment, vehicles and more. You can also extend your coverage to include protection for your property while temporarily stored by a third party. Inland Marine policies can also be referred to as “Floater” policies, as the policy provides coverage regardless of where your property exists.

Management (Directors & Officers) Liability Insurance

The executives and Board of Directors of your organization or association are at risk for litigation brought by customers, franchisees and investors from claims of mismanagement or breach of fiduciary duties. Management (D&O) Liability Insurance provides protection for their personal assets.

Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions Liability) Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance, also referred to as Errors & Omissions Liability Insurance or Malpractice Insurance, covers the cost of certain legal fees, and judgments/settlements that you may face as a result of litigation brought against you for the advice or services you provide. Your Professional Liability program will be designed based on our assessment of your industry and business, so you receive the coverage you need.

Property Insurance

Lockton Affinity designs customized business Property Insurance coverage based on the specific needs of your organization or association. With this objective in mind, we work directly with your members to help them understand the coverage requirements they need for their specific property.

Reenactment Clubs General Liability Insurance

For performers that take part in reenactments like Civil War battles or medieval festivals, we provide liability coverage to protect the performers in the event they accidentally injure another performer or bystander or damage property.

Specialty Coverage Insurance

Specialty Insurance provides coverage for items that are defined as unique or special. Specialty Insurance includes Liquor Liability Insurance, Special Event Insurance and more. Lockton Affinity will design insurance for your organization should you have special coverage requirements that they cannot otherwise be insured through a local agent.

Umbrella Liability Insurance

An Umbrella Liability policy provides you coverage over your basic liability coverage. Once you have exhausted the limits on your primary liability policy, your Umbrella Liability Insurance provides extra coverage on losses.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Due to your organization’s special requirements, it may be difficult to find Workers’ Compensation at an affordable rate. At Lockton Affinity, we design customized Workers’ Compensation coverage to protect your organization from the lost wages and medical costs you may have to pay to an employee who was injured on the job.