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Cybercrime Terminology to Know

Not knowing or understanding the cybercrime risks your business faces puts you at a disadvantage against cyber criminals who know exactly what they’re doing. But wrapping your head around the lingo used to talk about the topic can be tricky.

Cybercrime terminology is complex and it’s constantly changing and evolving. Knowing the meanings behind key terms can make cybercrime easier to understand and

February 21st, 2023|Cyber|

Ransomware Manufacturing Threat: How Cybercrime Is Targeting the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry isn’t known for having lots of rich clients or daily high-dollar transactions, so it may seem odd that criminals would be targeting plants and factories across the country. But increasingly, that’s what’s happening.

The rate at which cybercriminals are targeting the manufacturing industry now tops the rates for industries like finance, business, retail and government. It’s an unusual development, but

January 24th, 2023|Cyber, Small Business|

Finance, Cyber Attacks and Geopolitics: The Risk to Businesses Like Yours

Businesses in the finance industry are facing a new online risk as cyber attacks and geopolitics merge into a single threat. Cyber attacks have already been at an elevated level for several years. However, the latest geopolitical threat comes in addition to those existing risks of theft, fraud and vandalism.

The U.S. government has warned that geopolitical rivals from Russia to China,

December 13th, 2022|Cyber, Financial|

How to Protect Against the 83 Million Cyber Attacks Detected in 2021

It’s a familiar message at Lockton Affinity’s CyberLock Defense: multi-factor authentication, threat monitoring, response planning and risk mitigation protect against most cyber attacks. But sometimes it helps to hear that message from other top experts in the industry.

Microsoft recently introduced Cyber Signals, a new quarterly cyberthreat intelligence brief that offers an expert perspective into the current cyberthreat landscape. The experts

November 3rd, 2022|Cyber|