Whether you own a print shop, photography business, engineering firm, or any other of the millions of small businesses, you need small business insurance to cover the many risks you face. Ultimately the insurance you select for your business will protect against risks in four categories – customers, income, employees and property.

 Policies designed for small businesses

Likely, your business will not need all of these policies. However, the following are common policies for small business owners:

General Liability – Offers protection from third party claims alleging damages for incidents such as bodily injury, personal injury or property damage. So if a clumsy customer trips, falls and breaks their wrist on the way into your office, your company’s income is not at stake.

Workers’ Compensation – Protects your organization’s financial wellbeing from the lost wages and medical costs you may have to pay to an employee who was injured on the job.

Professional Liability – Perhaps you recommended a hand cream that made a customer break out in a rash. Professional Liability will help cover the cost of certain legal fees or judgments/settlements that you may face as a result of claims brought against you for the advice or services you provided.

Business Owner’s – Business Owner’s Policies or a “BOP” combines both property and general liability coverage. It also includes business interruption coverage to ensure your business has the ability to recover lost revenue during covered interruption. (Want in depth information about BOPs? Check this out).

Cyber Liability – If you collect personal information about your customers, you’re at risk to be hacked. For example, if you collect a customer’s email address to add them to your weekly newsletter or their birthdate to send a celebratory discount, without cyber liability you can be held responsible for the high costs that accrue in a customer data breach.

Commercial Auto – Coverage for vehicles in the event they incur physical damage, cause physical damage or bodily injury to others. So if your small business delivers delicious baked goods or has a traveling pet grooming truck, you’re covered.

Disability – Disability Income Insurance provides your employees financial security in the event a disabling illness or accident prevents their ability to complete their core work functions.

Employment Practices Liability (EPL) – A lot can go wrong during the employment process – alleged discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination and more. EPL will cover you for the costs stemming from claims associated with the employment process.

Umbrella Liability – An Umbrella Liability policy provides you coverage on losses not covered by your primary liability insurance.


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