Workers in the home care industry are subject to more frequent and severe injuries than providers who work in controlled settings. At Lockton Affinity, our approach is based on providing exception, personal service, partnership and free resources. These risk and claims management tips are designed to help keep your staff, clients and business safe:

  • Communicate with clients.

Discuss with each client that while every effort will be made to take the best care of their loved one, older people are more prone to injuries – and that all falls cannot be prevented. Make sure clients and their families understand your scope of services and that the client is a fit for what you have to offer. Having these discussions helps all parties in the event an accident or injury does occur.

  • Implement safety procedures.

Continually stress the importance of safety with employees. Pay attention to your caregivers’ health and stamina to ensure they are physically able to do what is being asked of them.

  • Be a strategic business owner.

Learn more about professional liability insurance and how it can protect your employees and business. Tighten the contract language notifying clients that your business will only be responsible for injuries sustained from caregiver negligence. Also know when it’s time to give up a client due to their care needs.

  • Be a smart employer.

Remind caregivers with nursing degrees or certifications that their formal training does not permit them to offer medical professional services. Provide caregivers with risk management materials and training, especially with respect to proper lifting techniques, transfers and ambulation, navigating up or down stairs and using equipment to assist in moving a client.

  • Follow a transportation policy.

Check caregivers’ motor vehicle records to select acceptable drivers. Hired & non-owner auto policies provide coverage when caregivers are driving on business and providing individual transportation.

  • Eliminate unnecessary risk.

Before hiring a caregiver, implement background and reference checks. Tell clients to protect and keep valuables out of sight.


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