Whether you are a national non-profit or a local affiliate maintaining a community center, hosting a fund-raising event, or having volunteers working in the field, following these tips for non-profit risk management just makes sense. Protect your non-profit members and affiliates from everyday risks with these best practices:

Minimize slips, trips and falls

Slips, trips and falls make up the majority of all general industry accidents and cause approximately 15% of accidental deaths, second only to auto accidents. To prevent slips, trips or falls, remember to remove and reduce.

Remove hazards:

  • Pick items off the floor
  • Clean up any spilled liquids
  • Avoid extension cord use
  • Replace torn rugs

Reduce risks:

  • Secure electrical cords to walls
  • Regularly inspect chairs and stools for damage
  • Position furniture to have a clear traffic area
  • Eliminate furniture with wheels
  • Ensure all areas of the building have adequate lighting

Floors and walkways should be in good condition without cracks, holes or slick spots. If rooms have dividers or varying floor heights, call attention to them with signs and tape.


Prepare for Mother Nature

If you experience winter weather, develop a snow removal plan. Obtain proof of insurance from the snow removal company and have your contract reviewed by legal counsel. The plan should include removal whether or not your facility is open.

Always inspect walkways and parking lots during winter weather, and treat with salt or sand before, during and after a storm. As snow is tracked into your building, keep floors clean and dry, and place ‘Wet Floor’ signs where necessary.


Protect Volunteers

Don’t assume that volunteers know how to do any task despite how simple it may seem to you or your employees. Train each volunteer and explain all expectations clearly. Encourage questions and stress the importance of safety.

If you have a concern about a volunteer’s ability to complete a specific task, do not assign it to them. Volunteers should be supervised like paid employees, including correcting, disciplining or firing, if the need arises.


Despite following these tips for non-profit risk management , accidents can still happen. Protect your non-profit with insurance from Lockton Affinity.